Welcome. This is an online gallery featuring landscape paintings and other art by John Townes. Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll wander through the pages and explore. Custom prints are available for purchase. If you have any questions, comments or requests for further information, please email me at JTGallery1@icloud.com.

Photo-Free Zone — No photographs were captured or harmed in the making of these images. They were created by hand with a combination of traditional and digital methods.


These images are Digital Painting, which combines traditional media, techniques and styles with digital painting software including Corel Painter and Photoshop. Or, as I sometimes refer to it, using “newfangled media to create old-fashioned art.”

This form of Digital Painting does not use manipulated photographic images. No photos are involved. Instead the work is hand drawn and painted, in the traditional sense.

I start with a pencil drawing of a scene on paper. Then I scan this into a computer. I paint over the drawing using digital brushes that emulate the behavior and appearance of paint, chalk and other physical media. The method is basically the same as painting and drawing with a brush, except the artist is holding a mouse or digital pen, and applying and moving around pixels on screen, instead of paint on paper. The completed image is then printed with a giclee printer on paper.

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