Landscape Art and Illustrations

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This is an online art gallery of landscape paintings, and illustrations and other art by John Townes. Thanks for visiting. The site is divided into individual galleries by style and theme.(You can click on menu or thumbnail for a Gallery Page. Then click on thumbnails within galleries for larger images.)

Photo-Free Zone — No photographs were captured or harmed in the making of these landscape paintings. They were created by hand with a combination of traditional and digital methods.(Details.)

Purchasing Prints

Custom, signed prints of the landscape paintings and other art on this website are available for purchase. For information on prices and options, please visit the Purchase Page.

The Landscapes

aldam3-copyThe landscapes depict the region that includes Berkshire County in western Massachusetts and the adjacent Hudson River Valley of New York state. They start as sketches of actual locations. As I paint, I do make alterations to emphasize a mood, feeling and sense of place. So, the finished painting does not exactly reproduce the details of the original location, but hopefully sense of it, and qualities that are shared in many other regions.

Painting With Pixels

light0008I use the term “digital  painting” instead of “digital art” to describe that aspect of the art I do, because no photographs were captured or harmed in the making of these images. The images were created with techniques like drawing and painting, but with digital brushes and pencils. When you tell people an image is “digital art” they often have a common reaction….Click to Continue

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